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20 Proven Benefits of Colloidal Silver

20 Proven Benefits of Colloidal Silver


Discover 20 proven, scientific and historical researched benefits of Colloidal Silver! 


1. Colloidal Silver is use to treat many skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

2. Scientists have observed that it kills germs

3. Colloidal silver is perfectly safe to take, once you purchase true colloidal silver

4. Scientists claim Colloidal Silver can be used to treat candida

5. The UCLA medical tests on colloidal silver proved it to be an effective water purifying agent

6. Colloidal silver is also used to prevent flu, H1N1 (swine) flu, and the common cold

7. Before modern antibiotics were developed, colloidal silver was used as an all-purpose remedy for various infections and illnesses

8. Troops in WW1 used silver to disinfect and heal their wounds

9. Science shows that Colloidal Silver is antibacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory

10. According to the US National Library of MedicineNational Institutes of HealthSilver has historically and extensively been used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent

11. MCF-7 breast infectious cells were treated with colloidal silver

12. According to the 'Medical Journal of Molecular Sciences' Colloidal Silver can be an 'anti-everything' agent 

13. According to the 'Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal', Colloidal Silver is used to treat smallpox viruses

14. Colloidal Silver can be used to treat HIV

15. Scientists prove with studies that silver has antibacterial properties

16. Colloidal Silver is used to prevent surgical infections

17. Silver‐containing dressings are likely to provide a barrier to and treatment for infection

18. The NHS provide silver wound dressings in hospitals to kill germs

19. Thousands of years ago, Ancient Greeks realised that the rich families who ate, drank and stored food in silverware were much less likely to be ill

20. Colloidal Silver does not interact with other medication

References provided in links.

Here at Colloidal Earth we only supply True Colloidal Silver. Our Colloidal Silver is lab tested and WADA certified for quality assurance. 

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