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Ear pain can be very unendurable, making it problematic to sleep, eat, or
do anything but think about the pain. Some may believe that earaches are
just minor pain. The truth is that they can cause weakening pain. Many
children find it especially challenging to deal with an earache. Ear infections
can be a result of bacteria, viruses, or yeast. While waiting for
medical care to work, there are some home remedies that can help. 

Olive Oil
Various reasons result in ear infection, but one prevalent one is when
bacteria growth or fungal attacks the wax in the ear, which leads to a
blockage in the Eustachian tubes. This impediment can be cleared quickly
with the help of olive oil. Warm-up some olive oil on the stove. Drip the oil
into the infected ear. This will soften the wax. After this, with cotton swab
remove the wax. However, the swab should not be placed too far into the
ear to avoid damaging the eardrum.

Colloidal Silver 
Colloidal silver is perhaps the known to be the most effective ear
infection remedy due to science research and testimonials. That's because it is natural, comes in liquid form which can
quickly be dropped into the ear using a standard eyedropper. What's more,
unlike traditional antibiotic prescription which is formulated to work against
certain categories of bacteria, and won't work at all against viruses or
fungal pathogens, colloidal silver has a very broad-spectrum antibiotic, anti-
fungal and antiviral qualities. 
Furthermore, Colloidal silver doesn't mutate pathogens, because it is
similar to conventional antibiotic drugs. Rather than poison the pathogens
as antibiotic medications do, the tiny, sub-microscopic particles of pure
mineral silver in colloidal silver adhere to the cell walls of harmful
microorganisms, hindering the production of enzyme and, in effect,
suffocating them. 

Garlic has potent antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties which are
perfect for ear infections. There are ways you can use garlic as a natural
earache remedy. Garlic oil can be made by cooking two cloves in two
tablespoons of mustard oil until it becomes black. Sieve the liquid and
when it is a bit warm, put a few drops in the afflicted ear. Ensure you use a
clean dropper for this technique. Alternatively, for 5 minutes, you can also

boil a few fresh cloves of garlic in water. After that, you crush them and add
small salt. Get a clean cloth, and put this mixture, place it at the affected
ear. In addition, you can consume fresh garlic speed up healing and boost
your immunity and 

Like garlic, onions can help fight infection. For a minute or two, heat onion
in the microwave. Then, sieve out the liquid and apply several drops to the
ear. You might lie down for 10 minutes to allow the liquid to flow out of the
ear. Repeat this as needed.



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