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A sugar-free mineral is one whose limit of additional sugar sources are greatly reduced, hidden sugar foods are removed, and in some cases is one that also advocates a reduction in high-carbohydrate foods. Eating sugar-free minerals has a lot of benefits which serves as encouragement to the users. Consuming more sugar has been linked to obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and other life-threatening diseases. It is important that you learn why taking sugar-free minerals can be both mentally and physically healthy.  


THE RISK OF ILLNESS  WILL BE GREATLY LOWERED WITH SUGAR-FREE MINERALS - Consuming added sugar in minerals increases the reduction in absorption of nutrients needed by our body for its metabolism. The reduction of nutrients influences osteoporosis, anemia, and immune deficiencies due to sugar consumption. Eating more sugar through minerals also helps in raising the normal insulin levels which stalls the release of growth hormones, thus affecting the immune system. The waste generated by sugar will now have to be cleaned by the white blood cells instead of focusing on their primary role in fighting bacteria and viruses. More sugar from minerals also causes inflammation, hyperactivity, indigestion, depression, and dermatitis. Even the digestive system is not spared because sugar interferes with the digestive health, weakens it, and does not allow proper assimilation of nutrients.  


SUGAR LACED MINERALS INCREASE HUNGER AND CRAVINGS – When we eat more minerals that contain sugar, we encourage the depletion of our body’s stored nutrients because for it to metabolize sugar, it will have to use more nutrients such as vitamin B, chromium, and potassium. This exposes our body to inability to handle inflammation because the nutrients needed for this has been used for other function and sugar in itself does not replenish the used nutrients. It is also pertinent to say that minerals containing more of sugar are usually devoid of other nutrients that include protein, water, etc. which help the body work well. This leads to continuous hunger as the body keeps seeking for the nutrients its lacking. A person who lives this way often develops sugar addiction, and cravings for more as a bite of sugar makes you desire more. It is beneficial to eat sugar-free minerals as it helps you to have your blood sugar remain balanced, eliminate unnecessary cravings, and keep away foods that will eventually be stored as fat.    


A SUGAR-FREE MINERAL GIVES BETTER AGILITY AND IMPROVED ENERGY – More sugar slows you down, makes you sluggish, and raises your blood sugar levels. What our body does in this condition is to release more insulin, triggering tryptophan which is converted to serotonin that prepares you to take some sleep. Conversely, a sugar-free mineral adds more antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, water, and proteins which keep our brain going all day with the body staying fit. 


BUILDS MENTAL CLARITY – Some research work asserts that minerals that contain sugar contributes to memory loss, inability to concentrate, influences nervousness, negative thoughts, and inflammation which causes disturbances in the chemical environment of the brain.  


CONSUMING SUGAR-FREE MINERALS ADDS TO IMPROVED APPEARANCE – Adding more sugar to our body through minerals that contain sugar results to glycation. This could amount to advanced glycation end-products, AGEs, where sugar attaches itself to protein. By-products from sugar also build up and encourage the AGEs condition. AGEs are associated with dull saggy skin and wrinkles which in turn affects the way you look. The more sugar in eat in these minerals, the more AGEs is created, which robs your body of vitamins and beautiful looks. 


SUGAR-FREE MINERALS HELP MANAGE AND MAINTAIN WEIGHT – Yes, minerals that are free of sugar helps to manage and maintain our body weight. It has been erroneously believed that our body does not need fat such as the omega three fatty acids that help feed the brain, improve circulation, and prevents inflammation. The risk is in consuming more minerals that contain sugar because it is converted to fat and stored in the body. Hence, the more sugar-free minerals you take, the less likely you’ll gain weight. 


HELPS MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE DENTAL HEALTH – Most bacteria that many people fight today on their teeth is as a result of the accumulation of sugar. Sugar causes dental disorders and cavities. A sugar-free mineral is a right way to improve dental health.   

A sugar-free mineral also prevents possible exposure to bacteria, viruses, fungi and other serious infections


In conclusion, the above-highlighted points are some of the reasons why you need to take more of a sugar-free mineral. It is hugely beneficial and saves you from a whole lot of avoidable health challenges. This is why it is best to buy your mineral supplements from our stores because all our minerals are sugar-free and nutritious, which is just what our natural body requires.  

Our colloidal minerals are sugar, wheat, dairy and gluten free. Read more about the incredible benefits of our colloidal minerals in the following blog posts:






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