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Colloidal Silver Aids Digestion

Colloidal Silver Aids Digestion


The stomach, the kidney, liver, intestinal tract, and the bladder all have specific roles they play in the digestion of food. When taken in small quantities alongside a meal, colloidal silver is very effective and aids digestion. In fact, there have been recommendations from many Ayurvedic experts supporting the ingestion of colloidal silver to maintain healthy digestive system. This is because silver can naturally maximize nutrient supply to the body by extracting nutrients efficiently from food. Colloidal silver helps in making the gut environment non-conductive for the growth of infectious organisms and parasites. Furthermore, it also stops the fermentation of food in the stomach and intestine, which could give rise to gas, bloating, pain, reflux, indigestion, and stomach ache. Therefore, if someone has problems with indigestion, a drop or two of colloidal silver will help prevent fermentation thereby going a long way in preventing uncomfortable digestive symptoms.  

Again, when there are problems with any of the digestive organs, the use of colloidal silver has proved effective in healing it, especially the stomach, the bladder, the kidneys, the liver, and the intestinal tract. Colloidal silver can survive the hydrochloric acid nature of the stomach and the chloride environs of the body. Depending on the severity of the problem anyways, the stomach, bladder, and kidney can be taken care of with a few tablespoons or teaspoons of colloidal silver while issues relating to the intestines, colon, and liver will require multiple ounces of colloidal silver. If also it’s an issue of widespread microbes to deal with in the body or a case of systemic problems during digestion, there will certainly be a need to use more colloidal silver in treating the case other than just a few teaspoons. Just go ahead and take the quantity you need in that period. However, when you use a more substantial dosage of colloidal silver for more than a few days or a week, it becomes crucial you also take Acidophilus and a broad spectrum pro-biotics, either an hour or afterward to help you’ve your flora that is important for proper digestion replenished. At this point, it’s imperative we debunk the idea that colloidal silver cannot distinguish between good or bad bacteria, and as such destroys all bacteria or flora in the gut. Bad bacteria often emanates from the overgrowth of what is known as good bacteria, which in most cases is caused by constant intake of antibiotic drugs. It is a known fact that excessive antibiotics in the body have led to between 30,000 and 150,000 deaths.  

Proper digestion is essential. If you desire to have optimal absorption of nutrients, proper digestion, stop the fermentation of food in your stomach, avoid digestive symptoms, and have a strong immune system, then few quantities of colloidal silver alongside your meal will do just that. You can now buy colloidal silver and colloidal minerals containing over 70 essential minerals from our shop today.    






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