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By now, the majority of us have come across the Blue Man story that was
all over electronic and print mass media. The Blue Man story became a big
media disinformation event whose main purpose was to scare the public
away from the usage of colloidal silver or its products. The ploy was to
claim that the Blue Man’s condition was caused as a result of colloidal
silver, thus implying that people who use it will experience the same fate.
The entire story, as presented, remains a fraudulent deception. 

The story is about named Paul Karason who the media insisted on turned blue
from the intake of colloidal silver. The case is that Paul has a condition
referred to as Argyria which tends to turn the skin to a blue-grey color and
not by taking colloidal silver.

What happened to Him?
First Paul Karason took improperly made homemade silver compound (he
made with salts, at an extremely high PPM) that was mostly an ionic silver
solution that he prepared while believing he was making colloidal silver. In
the distilled water, he added sea salt without any measurement. In other
words, what he made was a silver chloride which has been proven to cause
Argyria and not colloidal silver. In fact, there was no colloidal silver in his
brew. He had a large quantity of silver chloride in it that it appeared to be
milk rather than water. He likely had 100 ppm of silver or more in his
concoction, whereas 10ppm-20ppm is typical for standard Colloidal silver and
anything more than 50ppm is dangerous.

At no point did he do any things necessary to make a suitable colloid. This
is essential since Argyria can only be predicted when high levels of silver
salts are consumed. Aside from that, he applied the mixture he prepared
directly to his skin, which easily made the skin a photographic plate.
Furthermore, he used tanning beds to fix the silver in his skin. 
Paul also suffered a heart attack before contracting pneumonia and having
a severe stroke. 

The bottom Line
Colloidal Silver is not as dangerous as promoted, and this blue hoax is
deliberately way overblown. He did not turn blue by taking too much
colloidal Silver. He drank liters per day of improperly made "Colloidal Silver"
that was made with salts, at an extremely high PPM. One would need to
take huge quantities to be in danger. To put this in perspective, one would
need to drink 8 ounces of Colloidal Silver a day to reach this amount of
toxicity. In other words, Colloidal Silver is Safe, as long as you don’t
consume grotesque quantities.



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