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Acne can be a distressing situation to experience. Acne used to be considered a “teenager’s problem,” but nowadays we know otherwise! Acne can upset men and women at all ages and any phase of life. Currently, more men and women are identified to suffer from acne than ever. Acne is no longer limited to one’s adolescent years; adult acne is even becoming prevalent thanks to the contaminated environments we currently reside in. Chemicals bacteria, heavy metals, and toxins have polluted the various food we eat, the air we inhale and our soil as well. Cystic acne and hormonal acne also results from the union of genetics, poor hygiene, inappropriate diet, anxiety, and hormonal issues.

Apart from the internal cleansing, colloidal silver can also be used on the face to get rid of acne, scars, and blemishes quickly. Creams and lotions appear to be the one area where silver nano-particles has the freedom to work. Colloidal form of silver activates an “astonishing and unanticipated regrowth of tissues” when applied to a contaminated area. Pathogens increase on the skin inside folds of the skin, wrinkles, pores, scrapes, bites, etc. Application of colloidal silver can prevent these pathogens from proliferating and bringing about acne breakouts. This means that colloidal silver helps the skin to restore itself by enhancing the healing of impaired skin tissues.

Use a good quality colloidal silver which does not contain alcohol. This is because alcohol tends to dry the skin resulting in cuts, cracks, and even worsening of acne. Even non-acne victims can take advantage of the use of colloidal silver on their face. Numerous causes such as sun, dust, wind, etc. can harm on the facial skin. The defensive barrier that makes our skin be in good physical shape is the protective oily layer which begins to diminish as we age. By using colloidal silver on your face once or twice daily, your skin will continue to be protected and moist. Furthermore, it also blocks microbes from penetrating the skin pores, thereby averting acne breakouts. Colloidal silver can kill the bacteria that causes acne, heal the skin, which are all significant for fighting acne.

Finally, using colloidal silver to get rid of acne is the sure solution.  Acne is a sign that to some degree there is an imbalance within, and for you to get free acne for good, your body needs to be balanced from the inside out.   The only way to do this is to follow a step by step plan to heal your body using colloidal silver.  On the other hand, when you use pure colloidal silver properly to treat acne on the skin, there is no need to worry about any impending side effect.

Like all medications, it just takes knowing what to do and what not to do to get the results you are searching for. You should only use pure colloidal silver to treat skin acne. Don’t use silver protein or ionic silver as these are not the same as pure colloidal silver.






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