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Colloidal Silver For ColdsColloidal Silver's antiviral and antibacterial advantages have been from time immemorial. This is the fundamental premise that is used to explain the ability of colloidal silver to intensify resistance to illness. Colloidal silver, which is a liquid supplement that comprises pure silver particles suspended in water, is still used today to treat ailments such as the common cold. Colloidal silver boost white and red blood cell production, which aid in immune function and healthy oxygen flow in the body. Individuals prone to frequent colds and infections had the lowest level of silver in their bodies.

What the majority of people do not recognize is that colloidal silver is a very helpful germ killer, both bacterial and viral, and its use for medical functions dates back to the earliest Greeks.  People also used to put silver coins in milk to keep it safe of bacteria. The preparations of colloidal silver can be used to avert flu and colds, sinus poisons, sore throats, and also as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

Before the discovery and distribution of antibiotics in the 1930s-40s, physicians regularly used silver to sanitize wounds in the course of surgeries, as medicine for age-related illnesses and even pneumonia. Antibiotics are meant to fight bacterial impurities and are unsuccessful at fighting viral infections. Antibiotics have frequently been recommended as a blanket medication for many illnesses, including flu and cold. Also, in recent times, there has been a continued reduction in the efficiency of antibiotics, even when it comes to fighting bacterial infections. This is as a result of a rise in resistant strains of bacteria. Antibiotics also can take a significant toll on the body, thereby accumulating further stress to the immune system and most times, causing secondary infections.

During flu and cold season, you can take colloidal silver orally to improve your immune system, and if you’re affected with a virus, you can take few teaspoons daily for one or two days. Once you follow this routine, you’ll rarely come down with a cold, and even when you do, the symptoms are significantly lessened. 

Finally, Colloidal silver is one of the most underestimated nutritional supplements out there, but it reaps tons of health benefits. It’s especially useful for preventing and treating colds. Colloidal silver is a natural mineral that helps your immune system fight infections and viruses. A daily colloidal silver supplement can drastically shrink the severity of a cold and also speed up the healing process.





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