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The tests of colloidal silver on plants are very positive. Colloidal silver is effective against bacteria, viruses, and molds that attack plants, flowers and fruits. The same way colloidal silver kills pathogenic bacteria in humans, it’s the same mechanics it uses to fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi that attack plants in your garden. Vegetables from the garden can be sprayed with colloidal silver to replace a fungal treatment that leaves no toxic residue unlike chemical sprays sold in the trade. Also, fruits and vegetables can be consumed immediately and safely.

colloidal silver for gardening

Benefits of colloidal silver for gardening

  • Colloidal silver is very useful for seed germination by preventing mold from attacking the germ, and it also stimulates root growth by keeping it healthy.
  • Colloidal silver also is used to significantly extend the shelf life of cut flowers by adding them to a vase. Colloidal silver kills pathogens in the water that will be absorbed by the flowers to the cell level. This also works internally to finish destroying the remaining pathogens.
  • Colloidal silver efficiently incapacitates the oxygen metabolism enzyme needed to withstand life for these unwanted organisms. When colloidal silver is sprayed on plants infected with bacteria, fungi, and viruses, it swiftly causes these unwanted organisms to suffocate and perish, all without the adverse effects of traditional pesticides or the toils of other pest removal methods.
  • In addition to clearing up the fungus, colloidal silver improves the fresh weight and the dry weight of the onions, producing more abundant, more desirable vegetables.
  • Using colloidal silver in the garden can change the overall health of the plant. In addition to preventing and treating pathogens, viruses, and fungi, the colloidal silver nanoparticles can influence the strength of the root system and the size of the leaves. Vibrant and large green leaves indicate a truly healthy plant.
  • Colloidal silver also aids to make the plants more vigorous. This, in turn, helps in stopping any intending issues before they occur. Furthermore, it also helps in recovering from damage caused by nuisance organisms.

The bottom line…

Whether your garden is commercial or just for your family’s dinner table, no one prefers extra chemicals on their fruits and vegetables. Colloidal silver is a safer, more organic alternative to many of the poisons marketed for gardens and farm pest prevention.



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