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From time immemorial, colloidal silver has been used as a natural medicine for the treatment of different infections. Colloidal silver is undoubtedly not poisonous to human, and it has been found that it can terminate up to 650 different viruses, germs, and fungi. This made it much better than any other antibiotic.

It has essential components for the body and cannot be equated to something else. Colloidal silver can destroy any harmful microbes by coming into contact with them. And, the beauty is that it leaves the beneficial bacteria and the defense system, unharmed to the extent of being strengthened.

Colloidal silver first job is to round the cell wall of the contagious microorganism. Upon contact with the cell wall (surface membrane), it releases “oxygen burst” that severely breaks the layer. This catalytic oxidation results in precise chemical alterations to the surface membrane of the pathogen that blocks energy respiration and transfer, preventing the normal life-sustaining chemical processes from continuing, and thus initiating the demise of the pathogen.

Colloidal silver is useful in treating infections such as;

  • Bacteria 
  • Parasites
  • Viruses

    Some examples of bacteria causing diseases include Lyme disease, tuberculosis, pneumonia, bubonic plague, leprosy, scarlet fever, gonorrhea, syphilis, stomach ulcers, cholera. A few diseases caused by parasites include  malaria, ringworm. Finally some diseases caused by a virus include pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, shingles, herpes, warts.

Sinus difficulties

Both bacterial and viral infections can result in some sinus complications. Colloidal silver can terminate masses of bacteria. It can be applied with a nasal inhaler or administered directly into your nasal cavity. This allows it to drain down your throat by tilting your head back.

Common warts

Warts infect the skin, and they occur as a result of viruses.  They are hard to remove, but colloidal silver has been reported to destroy them within a short period.

Yeast infection.

Vaginal yeast infection is a common problem among women. Colloidal silver can avert the yeast from developing. Aside from that, it has been shown in research reports it also terminates them.

Flu viruses

Please see http://www.silversafety.org/ for more information or read our “verified buyer” reviews.

Common colds

Colds is as a result of viral infection. Please see http://www.silversafety.org/ for more information or read our “verified buyer” reviews.

Eye infection

The anti-bacteria content of colloidal silver can effectively treat any eye infection, and there won't be any adverse effect. It is gentle when applied without any pain.


Please see http://www.silversafety.org/ for more information or read our “verified buyer” reviews.


Psoriasis occurs at the presence of bacteria, and they exasperate the skin as well as clogging the pores. If you use colloidal silver, it will act as an antibacterial agent.


Acne occurs at that point when the pores are clogged. The components in the colloidal silver can destroy them and in turn, clean the pores. It's simple, wash your face gently and adequately apply the colloidal silver on it.


Eczema causes inflammation to the skin, which leads to constant scratching, which in turn causes the skin to bleed, leaving it open to infection. Colloidal silver is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which kills the bacteria, causing the inflammation in the affected areas.

Dandruff infection

Colloidal silver’s nanoparticles are very active in dandruff’s treatment. Their effect is based on the removal of local bugs and the calming down of immune cells present in the scalp. Every morning, gently spray colloidal silver on your hair and massage it on the scalp. Repeat the process till dandruff is gone.

In Conclusion

Have you seen that colloidal silver is universal and effective? You should ensure that a bottle of pure colloidal silver always available in your house and also in your daily bag.


Disclaimer: Colloidal Earth Limited is unable to make claims that colloidal silver or Colloidal Earth’s products diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The Coronavirus (covid19) is a new virus with no current cures or preventative supplements.







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