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Colloidal Silver For Kids

Colloidal Silver For Kids

Every winter, parents tend to hunt for different ways to protect their children from flu and cold or at least get their kids through the illness more quickly. One resource that may be undervalued because it’s not so well-known or understood is colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is one of the significant ingredients commended by informed parents for how efficient it is at helping stave off and prevent colds and flu in their children.

So what can colloidal silver help our kids?

Cuts and scrapes.

Kids often experience cuts and scrape, and colloidal silver can be used to heal these minor wounds and avert infection.  You can put it in your first aid. One thing we don’t know is that we are always creating drug-resistant bacteria with the misuse of antibiotics. Colloidal silver is an excellent compromise to help stop that process from occurring. Few drops of colloidal silver morning and night, and the infection and crusting will vanish almost instantly. For minor scrapes and cuts, you can also use colloidal silver rather than use plasters that are filled with chemicals


You should seriously consider colloidal silver for topical use in treating burns. It is also super operational in averting scarring when healing from burns.  It works by down-regulating the body’s inflammatory response and up-regulating generation of healthy tissue.  When this affects your kids, apply the colloidal silver to the area, and the burn mark that would have usually taken weeks to disappear will be gone in a matter of days. 

Ear infections

Most ear infections that affect our kids are viral, so antibiotics are really of no use if that is indeed the case.  Colloidal silver drops are good options in this case. You can apply it around the ear only with a cotton ball and left for two minutes then tip out, repeat three to four times per day.


Common Cold and Flu prevention

Please see http://www.silversafety.org/ for more information.


Skin outbreaks

Kids experience a lot of skin outbreaks. Colloidal silver is great for any outbreak on the skin like acne, rashes, chickenpox, etc. It will not just help to heal the skin, but will further help to get rid of the underlying cause, whether it be fungal, bacteria, viral, etc.


Our teenager does have outbreaks of acne now and then, mostly when they eat too many refined carbs. (You must reduce the sugar in their diet.) You can solve this problem by adding a little drop of colloidal silver. This helps as long as your kids are not eating a lot of junk.

In Conclusion

Nature has provided a fantastic method of healing to help our kids, which to you might be “old-fashioned.”  Things you hardly hear much about. Silver is one of them, and it happens to be one of the favorites.  As a parent, it’s advisable to have colloidal silver in your home as an effective and affordable germ fighter.






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