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Colloidal Silver Used In Ayurvedic Medicine

Colloidal Silver Used In Ayurvedic Medicine


In the Ayurvedic system of medicine, every illness is seen as being rooted in an imbalance in the human energy system. This system, therefore, believes that the use of pure metals in an adequate precise combination should be used in restoring the body’s electromagnetic balance to a state of equilibrium. It is based on this premise that the Ayurvedic medicine subscribes to the use of colloidal silver as that precious pure metal of great importance. Even the ancient Vedas advocates the potential and use of colloidal silver. Ayurvedic medicine has embraced the use of colloidal silver for several purposes. First, for 5000 years in the form of Bhasma, using calcined formulation, otherwise called Rajat Bhasma, colloidal silver has been used in small amounts as a tonic and elixir. This formulation is what is used to treat neurological disorders, respiratory tract disorders, muscular dystrophy, infertility, urinary tract disorders, and diabetes. Before antibiotics were even used, the Ayurvedic medical system used silver as an antimicrobial agent in treating bacteria. With the current need to find new ways of fighting antibiotic-resistant strains, colloidal silver has come back on the front-burner as the solution which both patients and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners require combating bacteria.

Again, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have used colloidal silver in small amounts as a tonic or resuscitating agent for patients who have been weakened by age or chronic infections. Colloidal silver has also been used medically in this sphere to detoxify the liver and the spleen. Ayurvedic medicine also prescribes that pure colloidal silver should be an integral part of dental maintenance, as well as other dental conditions. Furthermore, it is worthy of note that silver, forming a large chunk of the cuisine is not new to India and other civilizations like Greeks, Roman, Chinese, and Egyptians. This is why several celebratory dishes use a silver leaf and other silverware utensils such as bowls, cutleries, glasses, and flask as part of their food heritage.

Therefore, based on these huge advantages, it makes a lot of sense and becomes very important that you purchase colloidal silver from our stores and enjoy the huge benefit of this metal.


Photo courtesy of Lakpura, Flickr

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