Colloidal silver is back, and it’s bigger and more popular than ever. Colloidal silver has been used throughout the ages for its fantastic health benefits. Not only does it combat harmful bacteria, but it can improve your immune system. But why are people flocking to stores in search for the best product to make their colloidal silver?

How do you select a good product to make an excellent colloidal silver? In this post, we will provide you reasons why it’s unsafe to make colloidal silver yourself.

Different Types of Silver

Firstly, there are different types of silver (Colloidal Silver, Ionic silver, Silver Protein) with different properties. As a novice, it will be difficult to distinguish the exact silver to use. It takes an expert to know what they are and their different properties.


Another reason why you should buy a well processed colloidal silver is the right concentration to be added. It’s important to note that the concentration of the solution will necessarily make a difference to the efficiency of the colloidal silver. How can you distinguish this if you are not an expert?

Particle Surface Area

The particle surface area also plays a useful role in its effectiveness. If the product has a less surface area, it will not be able to combat harmful organisms on a larger scale.

The bottom line….

With these reasons, it is unsafe to make your colloidal silver. It is preferable to buy a well prepared colloidal silver from an expert. Our Colloidal silver (CS) is lab tested, certified by South West Water Limited and WADA certified and is priced competitively. Also, our high particle surface area gives it a considerable advantage over our competitors.

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