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True Colloidal Silver VS Ionic Silver. Which Is Better?

True Colloidal Silver VS Ionic Silver. Which Is Better?


True Colloidal Silver VS Ionic Silver. Which is better?

Silver remains one of the single most effective antiviral and bacteria agents known. Colloidal silver describes a liquid that consists of silver nanoparticles, usually suspended in water. A silver nanoparticle has metallic properties and is composed of multiple silver atoms clustered together.


True Colloidal Silver

True Colloidal Silver

True Colloidal Silver is made up of tiny nanoparticles of metallic silver. The particles are comprehensive and do not merge with other elements. In its ionic form, silver is extremely reactive with other elements, and will eagerly combine to form compounds. Inside the human body, chloride is the most predominant anion. Silver ions will immediately merge with chloride to create an insoluble mixture of silver chloride.

True Colloid silver passes through a semi-permeable membrane but not entirely. In other words, if colloidal silver is poured over a semi-permeable membrane, the liquid will mostly pass through, but particles will be left behind. Furthermore, these particles, which are more significant than ions, are also more stable. 


Ionic silver

Ionic silver is by far the most common type of silver supplement. It’s made of silver ions in solution, usually with water. A silver ion is an atom of silver which is incomplete because it misses one electron. These ions are so small that if an ionic solution is poured over a semi-permeable membrane, no particulate or residue will be left behind. Once these ions come into contact with cells, they can ‘steal’ an electron from those cells. This hypothetically is a good thing because it means that cells that have an extra electron are destroyed. This is how ionic silver solutions kill pathogens and other bacteria.

When it comes to evaluating ionic silver, there has never been a demonstration of ionic silver’s ability to kill pathogens in the human body. When it comes to safety, ionic silver poses a concern. Because silver ions are extremely unstable, they are desperate to achieve an even number of electrons. This means that while, yes, they can steal electrons, they can also donate electrons. In practical terms, what that means is that if you drink them, ionic silver solutions can be taken up by your protein and fat cells and left behind in your body.  This can lead to a disorder known as argyria, which is when your skin turns blue-gray. It is irreversible.


The Difference between Ionic Silver and True Colloidal Silver

True Colloidal Silver has been shown in studies to be effective both on surfaces and in the body, unlike ionic silver. Plus, these particles are not metabolized by the body — they are wholly excreted within 24 hours. In other words, there is zero risk of accumulation — zero risks of turning blue

Which one is better?

Regarding both safety and effectiveness, True Colloidal Silver is the better option. This is the sole reason why our products are strictly true colloidal silver made from rigorous standards. This means that, unlike your typical daily colloidal silver, our product will continue to work, even after the first electron is stolen, until they are excreted.

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