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What Are Colloidal Minerals?

What Are Colloidal Minerals?

A colloid is a substance that is separated on the microscopic scale throughout another substance. In fact, colloidal substances have various applications which range from Raman spectral enhancement to pharmaceuticals materials. Colloids have many interesting and useful properties because they can be derived or created naturally by such processes as high shear techniques as a result of their unique nature. Furthermore, a colloid is a mixture in which particles are suspended in a liquid or gas.

Colloidal minerals come from humic shale deposits. After gathering, the shale is smashed and placed in water so that the minerals can enter the solution. Colloidal minerals are commercially available mining ancient sea beds and then combining the mined minerals with other fluid or water to hold them in solution.

The colloidal mineral has been shown to improve conditions associated with certain chronic conditions. Colloidal supplements contain 72 Plant Derived Minerals. Plant-derived minerals are non-toxic. These minerals are water soluble and work in the natural body absorption process. Plant-derived minerals are 98% absorbable into the body. Hence there is negligible wastage. They are ten times more absorbable than metallic minerals. Also, plant derived minerals facilitate the absorption of vitamins.

Furthermore, colloidal minerals are used as a supplemental source of trace minerals and as a dietary supplement to boost energy. They're also used in treating arthritis symptoms, for improving blood sugar levels in diabetes, reversing early cataracts, reducing blood cell clumping, flushing poisonous heavy metals from the body, turning gray hair dark again, improving general well-being, and reducing aches and pains.

Most of the time, it is marketed as dietary supplements, and colloidal minerals have been used for a variety of health purposes. Some of the possible benefits:

• Provides a broad complex of minerals
• May aid absorption of vitamins
• Supplements minerals that may be lacking in the diet, which may in turn help to build and maintain a healthy body

Together, these minerals work together to support the natural balance in our systems.



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