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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the very finest, most pristine, pure, and natural products available. 

Our culture is one that is more in tune with the natural world. 

A culture that knows the path to health and healing is a natural one, utilizing nature’s precious resources such as colloidal minerals and colloidal silver.


At Colloidal Earth, we want to change the health and wellness landscape.  Our vision is to educate the world and help everyone better understand how to utilize our natural resources to improve their quality of life. 

Through our high quality colloidal minerals and colloidal silver, we want to give our customers the opportunity to naturally heal their body and boost their health to help provide them with the quality of life and longevity that they deserve.


Family is extremely important to us. 

We started our family-owned business when we saw a void in the health and wellness space.  After three years of research, we discovered the powerful historical and modern day uses of noble metals and minerals. 

It was at that point we decided to open Colloidal Earth and specialize in premium colloidal minerals and colloidal noble metals like colloidal silver. 

Our products are compliant with both the UK and US standards.  We strictly adhere to the FDA regulations for dietary supplements and each of our products are lab tested and WADA certified in the UK.  All of our products are filled using pharmaceutical grade bottles and are vegan friendly, soy free, dairy free, and gluten free. 

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Colloidal Earth is proud to support and donate to UNICEF UK.  Our passion for health and wellness aligns with UNICEF where they help provide education, food, clean water, vaccines, disaster relief, and protection to children who need it.  

We all take many things in our lives for granted, and this is one way we are able to help give back and supply those in need with the items they so desperately require for survival.

For more information regarding UNICEF UK, and how you can help make a difference in a child’s life, please visit their website:



Colloidal Earth Ltd
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