Luxury Colloidal Set

Indulge in the finest colloidal set containing our 500mL Colloidal Silver and the Complete Colloidal Mineral Complex – delivered directly to your doorstep with our compliments. Receive the benefits of two amazing products in one low bundled price. Provide your body with enhanced natural health and healing thanks to our Luxury Colloidal Set. Never before have these two products been combined at such a discounted price – take advantage and save.

Luxury Colloidal Set Contains:

• 500mL Colloidal Silver

• Complete Colloidal Mineral Complex

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Deluxe Colloidal Collection

You deserve the best… Treat yourself to something special! Not only do you receive the highest quality colloidal products in this collection, but you save money with a discounted price as well. This exclusive Deluxe Colloidal Collection is our finest five products bundled into one health-conscious collection. The luxurious assortment of products found in this collection can naturally help improve body and skin conditions, boost immunity, help combat fatigue, aid in brain health and functioning, enhance energy levels, and improve general well-being. If you treasure your health, you’ll love our Deluxe Colloidal Collection.

Deluxe Colloidal Collection Contains: 

• 500mL Colloidal Silver

• 200mL Colloidal Silver

• 50mL Colloidal Silver Spray

• 15mL Colloidal Silver Dropper

• Complete Colloidal Mineral Complex

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