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Don’t allow daily stresses and free radical damage to affect your health.  Give your body the nutrients it needs to boost your immunity, increase your energy levels, sharpen mental clarity and cognition, improve your skin and body conditions, as well as enhance your overall sense of well-being.

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Fuel your body with the purest and most potent nutrients available
to yield the best performance

Boost Immunity

Help your body fight off foreign substances that can cause sickness and damage cells

Increase Energy

Feel the natural and clean source of energy that provides lasting strength and endurance all day

Sharpen Cognition

Give yourself the mental clarity and boost in functioning you need to complete daily tasks

Improve Skin

Provide your largest organ with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and youthful


Colloidal silver is a mineral solution that contains silver particles which are suspended in distilled water (they do not dissolve). All of the particles hold the same electrostatic charge which allows them to keep in a uniform suspension due to the fact that their charge causes them to repel one another.

When supplemented with, colloidal silver can have many benefits such as: boosting immunity, increasing energy levels, improving overall health and well-being, combating fatigue, aiding in brain health and functioning, and helping to naturally improve body and skin conditions.

Purchasing colloidal silver in an amber glass and plastic bottle ensures your product does not get damaged by outside environmental conditions such as temperature and sunlight.

Availability in different size bottles allows you to purchase as much or as little as you want at a time. Colloidal silver from these bottles can easily be transferred to smaller bottles for easier transport such as a dropper or spray bottle.

Vegan Friendly Soy Free Dairy Free Gluten Free

500ml Colloidal Silver

500ml Colloidal Silver

200ml Colloidal Silver

200ml Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Dropper & Spray

For ease of use, it’s highly recommended to use a colloidal silver spray or dropper bottle for application. The spray and dropper bottle allow for more control over the amount of colloidal silver used as well as preventing spilling or wasting of the product. Each pump from the spray or drop from the dropper can either be used orally or topically on the skin (whichever use is desired).

Vegan Friendly Soy Free Dairy Free Gluten Free

50ml Colloidal Silver Spray

50ml Colloidal Silver Spray

15ml Colloidal Silver Dropper

15ml Colloidal Silver Dropper

Vegan Friendly Soy Free Dairy Free Gluten Free


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