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15ml Colloidal Silver Dropper

£9.99 £5.99

15ml Colloidal Silver Dropper

£9.99 £5.99

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✔15ml pharmaceutical grade amber glass dropper bottle 

✔Vegan friendly
✔Gluten free
✔Soy free
✔Dairy free
✔Not Tested on Animals
✔Laboratory Tested
✔Non GMO
✔WADA Certified 
✔Suitable for Children
✔Suitable for Pets
✔Recommended and prescribed by naturopathic doctors  

What's better than a bottle of what's possibly the best bacteria-busting, natural mineral around?

Answer: A small, compact version of that same bacteria-busting, natural mineral.

Our 15ml bottle of Colloidal Silver is great for eye infections, ear infections or for when you're on the go. Carry it anywhere and everywhere. Small enough to fit in your pure or pocket, it features a convenient dropper for fast and easy administration. Use for virtually an ailment: cold sores, oral infections, dry or chapped lips, small cuts, ear and eye infections and more!

Colloidal Earth’s Colloidal Silver is packaged in amber bottles to preserve the delicate charges on the silver particles and maintain the quality of the solution over time. 

The 15ml dropper glass bottles contains a screw-top can design that holds the dropper securely in the bottle until it is ready for use. Each drop of colloidal silver from the dropper is 1ml. The dropper bottle allows precise and accurate dosages of colloidal silver. 


.999 pure silver (at 14PPM True Colloidal Silver) and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Water purification certified by South West Water Ltd. 

Directions for Ear & Eye Infections

Ear Infections: Lie down with the affected ear upwards and place 5-7 drops in the year. Remain in this position for a minimum of 10 mins, preferably for at least 30 minutes. Most ear infections are caused by Streptococcus pneumonia or H. influenza bacteria. Colloidal silver has been shown to kill both organisms in laboratory studies. 

Eye infections: The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has reported that silver is neither an eye nor a skin irritant. Drip a few drops of silver solution into the eye, 2 to 3 times a day to combat infection. This applies to other eye infections such as Conjunctivitis and Iritis. 



To preserve freshness, store in a cool dry place away from sunlight


Most orders are delivered within 2-3 days in the UK and 10-21 days in EU & Rest Of The World. All orders come with a tracking number.

 Disclaimer: The coronavirus is a new phenomenon and there is no research on potential cures. Colloidal Earth Limited is unable to make claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

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